Warranty Policy

Coast & Country Custom Homes has partnered with Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty because they share the same commitment to the customer as we do.

Coast & Country Custom Homes Ltd has chosen to partner with Pacific Home Warranty. The industry standard coverage includes home warranty insurance for three different time periods, covering three different aspects of home construction. This is often referred to as “2-5-10” coverage.

The 2-year materials and labour warranty includes: 12 months any defects in materials and labour supplied for the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery systems, as well as for the exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors.

The 5-year building envelope warranty includes the components that separate the indoors from the outdoors, including the exterior walls, foundation, roof, windows and doors.

The 10-year building structural warranty includes defects in materials and labour for any load-bearing part of the new home.

For more detailed information feel free to visit the Pacific Home Warranty website www.progwar.com

Please Contact Us to learn more about our warranty policy, or to get your free estimate on your custom
home design or custom renovation project in the Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland areas of BC.
We initially started this process with an overoptimistic construction budget and after getting to know our expectations and desires for the home Walter quickly established and gave us a sobering perspective on how much it would cost and in the end he was accurate on his budget. To us, that reinforced his experience and knowledge of the overall construction process. With us, quality is an expectation not an objective and he over delivered. We appreciated being able to consult with Walter on choices pertaining to the build and he gave us clear perspective for what works or what doesn’t work in any given home. He's honest and easy to work with, manages the sight and trades exceptionally well. He stands behind his work. Overall we had a very positive home building journey and if we decide to build again Coast & Country Custom Homes is our preferred choice!

Enzo & Jackie Saponaro